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Removable Dentures Are Cheaper … Or Are They?

It is true that removable dentures are cheaper compared to permanent implant-supported dentures. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll see that removable teeth often end up being far more expensive, due to frequent maintenance requirements over time. Removable partial dentures also cause much more wear and tear on the jawbone, and are considered old technology compared to the state-of-the-art tech  that are in operation at elite practices like Mill Creek Dental.

Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll see that removable teeth often end up being far more expensive, due to frequent maintenance requirements over time.

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Yes, removable dentures do, in fact, promote and accelerate bone loss in the jaw. They do not have tremendous stability on the jaw, and minor movements over time result in friction that wears the jawbone down. Eventually, this means your removable dentures will not fit correctly, and you will have trouble eating, speaking and smiling. You may even need a brand-new set made. Fixed teeth (implant-supported dentures), on the other hand, actually prevent bone loss over the long term, because they are permanently anchored into live jawbone tissue, preventing bone loss and degradation.

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As you can see below, permanent implant-supported dentures are far superior to removable dentures on several different levels. They preserve jawbone structure and density, they preserve facial features and bone structure, and they are far less prone to slippage and problems down the road. While cheaper removable dentures may seem like the better option initially, they often end up being the more expensive – and more painful – option over the long term.


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At Mill Creek Dental, Dr. Michael Dostal, Dr. Lauren Andreas and Dr. Ryan Brittingham have please over 2,000 dental implants using the industry’s most advanced technological equipment. We offer implant-supported dentures, single dental implants and full arch implants to help patients look and feel better than they ever have. We offer unparalleled results when it comes to fixed dentures, so get in touch with our offices in Shawnee, KS or Lee’s Summit, MO today, and get started on the path to brilliant, long-lasting oral health!

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