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What You Need to Know When Considering Dental Implants

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How Do I Know If I'm A Candidate For Dental Implants?

A good candidate for dental implants is typically someone who is in good general health and has substantial jawbone density with little to no bone loss in their gums. Implants are permanently anchored into live bone in the jaw; a patient without a solid foundation to drill into is not a good candidate for dental implants, and this procedure will not be an option without extensive supplementary work (like bone grafting or zygomatic implants). It is also important that patients are free from gum infection and other types of oral disease.

If you've been told by another dental practice that you are not a candidate for dental implants, we invite you to get in touch with our team today for a free second opinion

At their Mill Creek Dental offices in Lee’s Summit, MO and Shawnee, KS, Dr. Michael Dostal and Dr. Lauren Andreas have successfully performed over 2,000 implant procedures. We use cutting-edge 3D technology and guided surgeries to deliver stunning, beautiful implants that almost perfectly match the look and feel of real, natural teeth.

If you’ve been told by another dental practice that you are not a candidate for dental implants, we invite you to get in touch with our team today for a free second opinion.

You May Qualify Even if You:

Why You May Need Implants

If you’re wondering what the advantages are to permanent fixed implants – or are wondering why you may need implants in the first place – we invite you to speak with our experienced doctors at Mill Creek Dental. Your oral health is our number one priority, and we gladly offer free second opinions in an effort to get your diagnosis right. Dental implant procedures are very complex and technical, and only a qualified, experienced dentist will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for dental implants based on your unique condition. We are also one of the only practices in the greater Kansas City region to use advanced guided surgery technology like Picasso lasers and 3D Anatomage software.

Implant Expertise That Can Be Trusted

Extensive screenings and evaluations are mandatory in order to know whether you are a good candidate for dental implants. At our offices in Lee’s Summit, MO and Shawnee, KS, Dr. Dostal, Dr. Andreas and Dr. Brittingham will conduct detailed evaluations of both your gum and bone health to determine if you qualify for permanent fixed teeth implants. We will review your complete medical history, and consider the following factors during our initial screening and consultation:

General Gum Health

For the best long-term results, dental implants need to be performed in a healthy oral environment. This is why we extensively screen for conditions like infection and gum disease. Depending on the severity of disease, additional treatment may be required prior to implant placement.

Bone Health

While jaw bone health is of course important to the successful placement of permanent implants, you may qualify even if you suffer from bone loss. Dr. Dostal and Dr. Andreas are one of just a handful of dentists that offer zygomatic implants, which are a potential option for patients that may not have enough bone density to support fixed implants. 

Underlying Conditions

As we mentioned earlier, overall oral health is key to determining whether a patient is a good candidate for dental implants. Oral health is also inherently tied to general health, which is why it is important to screen for potential underlying conditions such as diabetes and immune disorders, which may make it harder for the body to heal after implant surgery. However, underlying and/or pre-existing medical conditions do not mean that you will not be a good candidate for dental implants.

General Health

Getting the most out of your dental implants largely depends on you, and the decisions you make that will affect your overall health. Implants can last for the rest of your life, but poor habits such as smoking and poor oral hygiene may limit the durability and functionality of your fixed implants.


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Every Mill Creek Dental Patient Is Unique

At Mill Creek Dental, we offer completely personalized treatments and evaluations for every patient we see. We consider each patient’s overall health on an individual level, and we have important discussions about your personal goals and expectations with implant surgery. An important step of the implant procedure is understanding what you want out of your new implants. No matter what other dentists or practices may have told you about qualifying for dental implants, speak with a Mill Creek Dental expert today to get a fresh, experienced opinion. We offer free second opinions at our offices in Lee’s Summit, MO and Shawnee, KS, so get in touch with our team today and get started on improving your oral health – and your overall quality of life!

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