"I Can Now Smile With Confidence With My New Veneers!"

My name is Aimee, and I had veneers done here at Mill Creek Dental. Originally, I started with veneers because my teeth kept moving. And, before prior, I had braces three different times and I was really unhappy with my teeth. And so, I got veneers done back in Texas, and they just didn’t work out for me, with how they worked with my face.

I had braces three different times and I was really unhappy with my teeth.

Dr. Dostal:

She actually came in, and she had 6 veneers that she had done years back. And, her smile was good, you know, it was okay. But she was searching for a perfect smile, you know, she wanted to look amazing, nice, and bright, and white.

Her full-time job is a social media influencer. So, her appearance, her smile is very, very important to her. And so, with Aimee, we did the same smile analysis that we always do. We did the scanning, the imaging that we do, and we did ten new upper veneers for her, replaced the old six, did ten new ones. And she is absolutely ecstatic with the result, it’s exactly what she was looking for.


I was speechless, they looked so, so good. I couldn’t believe these were my new teeth. I’m constantly on camera, taking photos that before I had my veneers, I was really insecure about it. But now, working with Dr. Dostal, I am confident being on the internet, being everywhere. So, I’m really, really happy I made this decision.

Thank you so, so much. I can now smile with confidence. I am so, so happy.

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