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"Full Mouth Reconstruction Gave Me A New Beautiful Smile!"

My name is Ellie and I’ve had multiple procedures done here at Mill Creek Dental. Historically, I’ve always done this. I’ve always talked with my hand over my mouth. I’ve always kept my hair in front of my face. I’ve tried to cover but I’m a talker. I’m a people person. I talk to everybody. [chuckle] I get to know everybody. I’ve been in health care for years. And so, I always want to be that pleasant face to someone, but I’ve never had that kind of confidence before where I can just open up a conversation without really covering my face.

I've always talked with my hand over my mouth. I've always kept my hair in front of my face.

Before After

Dr. Dostal:

Ellie came in with a lot of previously done dental work that was failing on her and she was just searching for someone that could help her. And we sat down and kind of developed a game plan for her where she wouldn’t have to continuously throw tens of thousands of dollars into dental work and have it fail on her a beat, even worse, not be happy with the results.


I’m not gonna lie. I was absolutely terrified. I don’t like coming to the dentist because I literally am so anxious because of the unknown. And I know some people probably think, too. You go to the dentist and you hear this whispering. They have this code language that they’re talking about behind us. [laughter] You’re like, “Oh, no.” You start with the anxiety again because you don’t know what the code means at all. You’re [inaudible] that at all.

Dr. Dostal:

We actually did a full mouth reconstruction. We were able to build up and restore her bite and give her a whole new smile using crowns and veneers, implants and bridges. And the result turned out beautiful.


We replaced everything with them, honestly, a two to three week period, and then move right into putting in the dental implant. And it’s been so fast and it’s just been amazing that it could be done so quickly. And everything just looks amazing and there’s just something to be said about the confidence that you have when you know that it’s okay to smile. And in the medical field, not very many people get to smile back at you, right? So if I can smile first, it’s almost guaranteed that someone’s going to smile back and that’s what I love.

Dr. Dostal:

She almost just tears up every time she walks into the office, just out of sheer happiness and joy that she found us. And we’re all so happy we found her, too.

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