"I Hated My Denture - Dental Implants Were A Better Way To Go For Me!"

Hi, my name is Julia and I had All-on-Six. I had a tooth that was in the roof of my mouth and when I graduated from high school, I had the tooth removed and they put in a bridge. The bridge were great but it was really getting loose. Then I had two teeth on this side and two teeth on this side in the back that were starting to get loose, and then they– the one got cavities in it.

And so, I come to Dr. Mike and asked him if he could help me with this. I didn’t want dentures because I had dentures for the two back teeth that were missing and I– all that stuff in the roof of my mouth, it would cause me to gag. I just hated it.

I had a tooth that was in the roof of my mouth and when I graduated from high school, I had the tooth removed and they put in a bridge.

Dr. Dostal:

Julia came in with an upper denture and she had a few teeth on the upper, but it was enough for denture that was held in just for those few teeth that she absolutely hated. It’s uncomfortable. She couldn’t eat with it, she couldn’t eat the things that she wanted to eat and it was getting loose and falling out. And so, it just didn’t look very good and she was, you know, self-conscious about her smile.

So, we sat down and we came up with a game plan for her. We took our 3D Cone Beam Imaging, and we decided that the few remaining teeth were no good.


I knew dentures wasn’t the way I wanted to go. That was probably the best I could afford, but I was trying to get away from the partial, and I knew if I let him remove all the teeth then my other option was going to be dentures or implants. And he reviewed it with me, and took x-rays and stuff, and explain to me, and give me the pricing. And I was just amazed with the pricing. So two months later, I was having all my teeth pulled out.

Dr. Dostal:

We got her a whole new set of teeth on those implants. And the cool thing about Julia’s case, which we often try to do with a lot of our implant cases now, is that we actually did it in three weeks, from the time the teeth were taken out to the time the implants were put in. Three weeks later, she had her final set of teeth.


When you take all the things that I was experiencing before I had it done, and then I measure the cost and the discomfort and all of that. And this, to me, was just a better way to go and I’m so happy I did it. I just couldn’t believe the difference. It’s just awesome. I was just so shocked.

Dr. Dostal:

Her result is just awesome. She’s got a brand new smile. She’s loving it and she’s actually looking forward to doing the bottom teeth pretty soon too. So, it turned out great.


I would definitely recommend Dr. Mike because he done me a world of difference and I have been just ecstatic over it. I actually felt like I had a pretty smile for a change that I never had before and I’m still getting used to it because I’m not used to smiling and to let my teeth show, but now I don’t have anything to be ashamed of.

So, if they show, that’s great. If they don’t show, you know, that’s okay too, but I’m not embarrassed anymore and I’m lucky that I got to do it.

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