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"I Wanted My Teeth To Be Straighter And Brighter - Dr. Dostal Gave Me My Smile Back!"

My name is Ian and I had full mouth rehabilitation with veneers and crowns. I’ve had basically crooked and misshapen teeth for almost my whole life. I had an accident when I was younger and they just grew in wrong and it has always kind of bothered me. It’s always been something I’ve been self-conscious about, just became second nature to kind of smile with my lips or, you know, stand behind somebody or, you know, just kind of give somebody a half-smile.

And, you know, eventually, it came to just a breaking point where I felt like I needed to come in and have somebody give me an honest answer other than maybe I just need braces or something because it just felt like the problem was beyond that.

I had an accident when I was younger and they just grew in wrong and it has always kind of bothered me.

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Dr. Dostal:

Ian came to the office. His teeth were severely crowded. He just wanted his teeth to be straighter. I sat down with Ian and we took some pictures and the shape of his teeth wasn’t ideal. Even if we got his teeth aligned with Orthodontics or Invisalign, he still wasn’t going to be very happy with the results because of the shape of his teeth. And he also had some lines and his teeth from some medications his mother took when he was a child. And so, we talked about, instead of doing orthodontics, we talked about doing a full mouth rehab with veneers and crowns and using porcelain.


I knew it was the right place to be right when I got here. So, I didn’t really hesitate. Everybody here was really behind me, being successful being happy. So, there was a lot of taking molds. And also, just looking at other people’s stories really kind of gave me the peace of mind that we were talking about which for me seemed impossible, was actually going to be possible.

Dr. Dostal:

We did 10 upper veneers; we did 10 lower veneers. And by doing that, we’re actually able to correct all the crowding, correct the bite issues, correct the color problems that he had. We changed the shape of his teeth to give him that smile that he was really looking for.


A smile to me means, just about everything. I have children now. Watching them smile. It represents joy. A piece of somebody comes through every time you see a smile.

Dr. Dostal:

He just can’t stop smiling. I mean, he was one of those guys. He never smiled. He he was married. He had some young kids and he was realizing he didn’t want to raise his children and not be able to smile around them. And so now he just smiles all the time. He’s super happy.


I was handed a mirror and held it up to my face. Kind of like the barber would make sure the back of your neckline matches. And I just didn’t recognize myself. It almost brought me to tears just because I’ve lived with it for so long and just to see such a radical shift and just basically happened day, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much and for everyone here at the office. It’s being passionate about not only the procedures but just me as a person asking me to smile for him before I leave just to show off because it just makes me feel good. So, they know exactly what they’re doing from the technical aspect. They are just really good people.

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